Isaacs Instrumentals

Promising Hope: Music Preview

Roles: Project Manager, Composer, Assistant Audio Engineer

As the composer for Promising Hope, I was tasked with creating  9 unique tracks, 6 of which had to be at least 1 and 1/2 minutes long which drew inspiration from nostalgia-core trends. This process involved repeated iteration on musical ideas including synthesiser tones and soundfonts, as well as rudimentary coding within MS Visual Studio and FMOD to employ a vertical adaptive music system in-game.

Because this game discusses domestic violence within Australia,  I focused on the idea of the music telling as much of the story as the dialogue did while composing. With each main level (broken up by minigames) the music would become more tense and uncomfortable, signifying the main characters loss of innocence as they grew up in a house heavily influenced by Domestic Violence.

Youthberk, RevolForm Full-Blast Theme

Roles: Synthesiser Patch and Sampler Instrument Creation, Composition, Arrangement, Mixing.

For this project, I was told to create a piece (3 minutes minimum) that utilised at least 3 unique synthesis patches, 3 unique samplers, as well as appropriate mixing decisions based on my chosen genre and reference tracks (an Electroacoustic Post-Rock Insert-Song inspired by Breaking the ROCK!! by Gyroaxia).

The character this piece is written for is a rebellious knight whose sole wish is to bring down the dictators and aristocratic class in his country named Youthberk.

Zonai Warrior Boss Fight Theme

Roles: Synthesiser Patch and Sampler Instrument Creation, Audio Splicing, Composition, Arrangement, Mixing.

The aim of this project was to create a 2-3 minute piece within a specific genre (I chose Video Game Background Music/VGBM), using 3 unique synthesiser patches, sampler instruments, and instances of edited audio in that composition.

For this piece I took heavy inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom and the Zonai Race within; a race of magical beings descended from gods with appropriately godlike powers. I wrote this piece inspired by an idea of getting to fight one of these Zonai Warriors in combat, with a variety of clear musical sections used to indicate different phases in combat.

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