Isaacs Instrumentals

Karaoke Track Creation

Roles: MIDI Sequencing, Stem-Bouncing, Mixing.

The goal of this project (which this song and the above SoundCloud sample demonstrate) was to create karaoke tracks for each of the songs from the Broadway musical Hadestown by Anais Mitchell.

In assisting the lead producer on this project, Ethan J. Miller, I was required to repeatedly listen to a variety of tracks to determine instrument parts by ear and then transcribe them into Logic Pro X with MIDI.

Collaborators: Ethan J. Miller (Arrangement and further Mixing and Mastering)

Dust & Ashes Track Creation

Roles: Instrument Arrangement, MIDI Sequencing, Mixing.

The goal of this track was to create the song Dust & Ashes from the Broadway musical, Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 written by Dave Malloy.

The above track, much like my work with Ethan J. Miller, necessitated careful listening. In addition to this I also reviewed the Piano-Vocal score for the piece to ensure as high a degree of accuracy as possible

Collaborators: N/A (Solo Work)

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