Isaacs Instrumentals

About Me

Hello! My name is Isaac, I'm a Gold Coast based Audio Engineer and Musician who is also known as Atare Vanguard online.

I began working in the audio and music industry with one guiding principle: 'Create any song for clients any way that they want'. Whether that be karaoke tracks for any purpose or recordings of them performing those songs.

In my efforts to follow this principle, I've worked on a variety things within industry which you'll be able to see for yourself by clicking around! Roles I've had include ADR, foley and SFX director, composer, post-production manager, mixing & mastering engineer, and karaoke track creator! You can find further examples up top!

Skills & Services

My skills include ADR, Foley, SFX creation, synthesis, sampling and karaoke track creation, composition, live & studio recording & location sound.


My expertise lies in post-production and composition as I have much experience in those fields of audio gained from many angles. These range from directing ADR and mixing for an upcoming feature film; Wing Girl by Silly Derek Media. As well as collaborating with Ethan. J Miller to arrange and sequence many of the Hadestown Instrumental Collection's tracks. Click up-top on the different headings to find out more!


My greatest interest is helping people realise their dreams as performers as someone who found other online resources lacking. I aim to provide high quality service regardless of the event/venue (be it a talent show or karaoke night, or a high-profile performance). Aside from music and audio, I'm an avid TCG player and enjoy taking musical inspiration from the various games i play.

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