Isaacs Instrumentals

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Agent of the Architect's Will Re-Dub

Roles: Composer, SFX Creation + Processing, Mixing, Voice Acting

In this project, I and 2 other team members aimed to recreate the sounds from this video game cutscene from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with the exception of sampled sounds being allowed in contrast to the other clip on this page. I voiced Jin during this process (white haired tall character).

Collaborators: Gloria Fernando, Wyatt Styles, Schonnel Calapardo (voice of Rex)

Defeating The Other Mother: Re-Dub

Roles: ADR Direction, Foley Performance & Direction, Music Composition, Mixing.

The aim of this project was to take this clip from Coraline and then recreate every sound heard within it (voice acting, music, sound effects) all organically without utilising pre-sampled content. 

Collaborators: Aaron Gerard, Gloria Fernando, Rhett Simpson (voice of Wybie), Jzi Sinn (voice of Coraline and Grandmother)

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